1. Who is Carolyn Cooper and what is SimplyHealed™?

Carolyn Cooper is a gifted energy practitioner, teacher and speaker. As the Founder/CEO of Carolyn Cooper International, Inc., a rapidly expanding business and training corporation, she teaches leading-edge intuitive and vibrational healing. She can quickly locate flaws in the ancestral DNA and repair wounds of the past, some of which have been contained in the lineage for many generations. This powerful method of healing changes energy patterns, transforms behavior and shifts subconscious beliefs. Through inspiration and years of working with thousands of clients, Carolyn created a unique method that she teaches in her dynamic trainings called SimplyHealed (formerly known as Calyco Healing). SimplyHealed is an easy, non-invasive way of clearing away negative emotions. Carolyn empowers her students with skill sets and tools to help them heal themselves and share these gifts with others. Carolyn’s trainings are attracting an international audience and a growing circle of SimplyHealed certified practitioners.

  1. How does Energy Therapy differ from traditional therapy?

Traditional “talk” therapy tends to be an emotional and time consuming process.  It can be helpful, but the client’s progress can also be very slow in recognizing issues and moving forward with their healing process.  Thoughts, events and emotions have to be brought to the conscious brain and analyzed before moving on.  Our brains consciously process only 5% of all we experience.  That leaves 95% of our life experience residing in our subconscious, possibly hindering our progress and happiness.

When working with energy, every detail, emotion and life event doesn’t need to be relived for it to be released.  Your spirit and energy already know these details and emotions.  Usually these “emotional charges” are associated with emotions such as fear, anger, shame, betrayal, etc.  With Energy Therapy we are using techniques to help you let go of the low vibrations which naturally will move your energy to higher vibrations such as love, happiness, gratitude and joy.  The memory of the “emotional charge” remains, but the “charge” is gone on an energetic and emotional level, which often times will also help on a physical level.

  1. How long is a Private Session?

A regular private session generally lasts about an hour.

  1. Do you do Private Sessions in person?

Yes! If you live in the Orem/Provo area we can meet in person if you prefer. You can visit me in my home. However, if schedules are too packed, a phone session is every bit as effective as an in-person session

  1. Can you explain how this is done oover the phone and long distance?

Energy is not limited by time or by distance, and we are all connected energetically.   Everything has a vibration or frequency. All things physical have a vibration that allows it to become solid matter. Energy is operating at such a high vibration that it isn’t something we see like a tree or a computer. This work is connecting to the higher vibrations of things in our life that we can’t always see, but are things we can feel and intuitively sense. We might not know all the in’s and out’s of how, but we can feel and sense and even see in the events of life that it does have an influence and that it does work.

  1. Is an Energy Therapy Session like a Psychic Reading?

NO!  I am just the energetic “cleaning lady”. Please come with an open mind, but don’t expect me to give you direction or answers on future events. SimplyHealed™ and energy work is about clearing out the energetic blocks, life’s traumas, phobias, and anything that keeps you from operating at your best. By cleaning out the negative garbage, you will find greater clarity and direction for yourself and become more connected to your personal intuition to know what is best for you and your life journey.

  1. Do I have to believe in this for it to work on me or others?

No.  You can allow your skepticism to play out and it will still work! Every body’s intuitive wisdom will only process and allow what it feels is in your highest good, even when your conscious mind might feel this all is a little “woo-woo”. This work is done by permission of your Spirit. There is nothing done that your Spirit can’t “veto” and there is nothing I do to guilt or manipulate your Spirit into receiving the work.  SimplyHealed™ techniques will only allow a shift in your energy if it feels it will be in your highest good. And yes, there are times when we consciously sabotage our personal healing because we think we are happier and safer living in a lower vibration. It is always in your power to choose.

  1. What do you mean when you speak about “clearing generational issues”.

We go through our lives feeling millions of emotions and experiencing thousands of events.  These emotions, beliefs, experiences and traumas can get “stuck” in our energy. Our ancestors were no different from us, they just don’t have bodies anymore. We received our physical DNA from them and also inherited much of their energetic and emotional DNA of issues that they weren’t able to process in their lifetime. These negative belief patterns tend to show up in a magnified way in our own lives. Issues with depression, addictions, abuse and financial problems are often generational beliefs and emotions that have been carried in our “energetic DNA”.  You are welcome to do your own personal study on this, as scientifically it is known as BIO-GENETIC DECODING.

  1. Can SimplyHealed™ techniques be used on my animals?

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Animals are very easy to help, because their Spirits are so open and willing.  The process and techniques wouldn’t change if I was working on you or them.

  1. How young of a child can these techniques be used on?

SimplyHealed™ is a gentle and non-invasive healing modality. The techniques can do no harm and there is no physical age limit. Pregnant mothers don’t need to worry that this would harm their unborn child. These children, in womb or already born, are amazing Spirits. They desire to experience life in joy and happiness anand are full of courage. They are willing to be the generation that steps up to the plate and change the negative patterns of the previous generations. They are even more familiar with the higher vibrations than we are sometimes, because of the fact they have had fewer years of garbage to take on.

  1. Can I have you do a session for someone else that I am worried about?

Working on another person is called a dedication and is similar to a personal phone session.  Permission is always asked of that person energetically before beginning work. Upon receiving a strong YES response through muscle testing, then information is gathered and the session proceeds exactly the same as if I was working on you. This is all done through Spirit-to-Spirit communication. Once we have finished their dedication, I release the work done on their behalf to them, to accept of their own free-will. They get to first choose to open it and then get to choose which parts (if any) to accept. It is like giving someone a gift of a box of Jelly Belly’s. They can choose to open the box and then decide which flavors they want to eat and enjoy them. Most people’s spirits are attracted to higher level vibrations and it is rare that someone will not give energetic permission to be worked on.  If they do give permission, this means that their subconscious understands it and is okay with it.

  1. When will I notice the results?

Regardless if you “feel” it or not, the energy will shift immediately upon integration. Many people often state they feel “lighter” after a session and for good reason! We most likely have been able to release very low vibrations such as depression, anger, guilt and resentment. The void created by the release of these negative emotions is naturally filled with light, truth, love, joy and forgiveness, which are all emotions that carry a very high vibration.

There will be certain things in your life where you might see an immediate change and notice that what caused anger,  worry or discomfort is no longer there. In other areas of your life you might not notice a change until a future event occurs and you notice that you now respond differently from how you did in the past.

These energetic shifts happen so smoothly and easily that we often don’t even realize the amount of change that has occurred. It is like looking back after reaching a mountain peak and finally being able to see how far you have come and the difference it has made to let go of the past negative vibrations and embrace positive and higher vibrations.

  1. Can Energy Therapy help me lose weight?

Yes!  It is truly one of the most positive and natural results of energy clearing. Weight is a symptom of imbalances in the energetic and body systems as well as a manifestation of our self-talk. Often we starve and torture our bodies into submission of what is perceived as acceptable. With energy work we start on the core energy and go outwards. Does this mean you won’t ever have to exercise again? Not necessarily, since our body is mortal and does require movement and healthy food to function at its optimal level. What we can do is work on the beliefs that make those things difficult for us. Once our behavior falls in step with the positive and truths we feed it, the weight will naturally want to remove itself as it is not necessary anymore.

  1. Can SimplyHealed™ help me with other medical procedures like surgery?

Surgery is a big deal and can be very necessary. Surgical procedures can also disconnect the energetic systems of the body, thereby becoming an incident of “trauma” to the body and its energy. With SimplyHealed™ techniques these systems can be re-connected and release the traumas associated with the surgery. It can restore balance and harmony of the energies that have become weak and disturbed. Trauma doesn’t always have to come from surgery. Other experiences that would have created a block in the energy from–for example, a car accident or fall– can also be cleared, allowing healing energy to flow more freely in that space.

  1. I don’t have any specific issues to clear; I just feel a bit off balance and out of sorts.  How could a session help me?

Every session is done with the intention that what will be cleared will be for the highest good of the client. Some have a list of things they are struggling with that feel heavy to them and are weighing them down. Others feel just a tad bit “off” or extra tired, wanting to get to the emotional root of their problem and haven’t been able to figure it out with their own resources yet.  SimplyHealed™ utilizes several methods to find and remove the energetic blocks that keep us from functioning at our optimum level.  Whether you have a list of things to work on, or just want a quick tune-up, your Spirit knows what it is you need done and will lead us there.

  1. Will clearing my energy have an effect on my academics, musical, athletic or other performance?

Absolutely!  When your energy is flowing freely and has removed the blocks created by low vibrations your entire body, mind and spirit works better.  The communication pathways throughout the body are clean and clear and vibrant, allowing you to operate at your peak performance.  It is also extremely helpful to remove all the negative self doubts hovering in your sub-conscious and let your mind be filled with those beliefs that are in your highest good

  1. My business is really struggling, how might this help my company or job?

The workplace is an environment that is trying to succeed while incorporating the many different people that work with and for the company.  Often there is residue negative energy that persists in the location or in the culture of the company.  This can be cleared out with SimplyHealed™ techniques.  Every business is different and so would require its own unique affirmations and clearing to bump up its vibrations to its own optimal level.

  1.  Can SimplyHealed™ help me with my allergies?

I have had great success with the elimination of allergies.  I would say 90% of the time you will see a marked improvement!  With SimplyHealed™ techniques and muscle testing your energy I will be able to identify and determine which allergies need elimination.  There is no limit to how many can be done in a session, just an honoring of what your energy is saying can be done in that moment.  I completely trust the body and its wisdom in knowing what is best for you.

  1. I am so curious about energy healing, what books would you recommend I start reading?

“Remembering Wholeness” by Carolyn Cooper, “The Emotion Code” By Dr. Brandley Nelson,”You Can Heal Your Life” By Louise Hay and “Feelings Burried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman are a few of my favorites.