I am a mother of two small children.  Three years ago, my husband developed some serious health issues that left him unable to work outside the home.  I had been a stay-at-home mom, but needed to return to the work force.   About a month afterward, my oldest, who was then 4 years old began sneaking out of the house and running away.   We had to call the police for help a few times, and our son could even see us looking for him and would hide. After the 4th call in 1 week, and threatened with a call from child services, I was beside myself.

I knew that Shauna just completed some training for energy work, and I reached out to her for help.  I found her to be compassionate and confident. Although I was a bit skeptical as this was my first experience, I was amazed!  The next day, my son had an entirely different demeanor.  He has not run away since.  He is more open to instruction and is incredibly responsible for his age. I will ever be thankful for what Shauna was able to do for him.


Shauna Guymon began working on my family in 2013.  She was wonderful!  She is very professional and treated us with respect and kindness.  She was very compassionate of our difficulties and was able to connect with us and make us feel so comfortable.  I knew that she truly cared about us and wanted to help us.  She always went the second mile by thinking about us during the week and letting me know if she had any more insight or ideas to help us.  During the sessions I could tell she was very in tune.  She was always right on.  I was always able to see a change when she worked on us.  We were going through such a difficult time and she helped us come right out of it.  I believe Shauna was the key to helping us get back on our feet and overcome our difficulties.  I truly think that she was sent to us.


“I love the way it makes me feel….heavenly”


Shauna is a very talented healer. She has the unique gift of being able to heal thoroughly and exceptionally fast.  I have found her neutral energy and absence of an agenda or judgement very effective in empowering me and providing real relief. I have also felt supported and understood,which is a key component for me to have success with energy work. She is open to what I need at the time. I am grateful and feel a relief and positive difference with the work she has done!


Shauna is a an amazing gifted woman. I came to her for myself and my entire family. Ages from 33-3! With her in tune gifts we were able to figure out food allergies, essential oils to help with anxiety and a.d.d., and so much more. She is filled with pure light. She is nothing but uplifting and positive with her healing. Because of her amazing gift of light I have felt immediate results and felt the fog disappear. If you feel like you’re in a funk give her a call she is quick to get you. She is an absolute joy to work with and so in tune with Heavenly Father. Because of her I feel closer to not only myself but my Father above! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Shauna!


I have never felt so loved and protected by a practitioner.